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Summer 1 week 5 wc 18.5.20

Good morning, Year 4!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I've set this week's learning activities for you but I've got a couple of extra bits of information first.


- If you are able to this morning (Monday), please pop on to the blog and comment on my post from Friday 15th with how you usually travel to school.  It would be useful to have this information for children to count up to use for one of Monday's Maths activities (the extra activities in the Word document).  Thanks!

- I have set a couple of extra mymaths tasks, related to times tables.  These are optional!

- This week's PE School Virtual Games Challenge is cricket.  Please see Mr Nicholls' blog post or the PE page on the website for more details.

- The singing project that Mr Fidler put on the Our Faith page has been extended to today (Monday 18th) so please have a look if that's something you'd like to be involved with.

- Another music session from Warwickshire County Music Service was sent out from school by email to your parents on Friday, please have a look at that if you'd like to do some more music.

- This week's RE activity (see Monday's page) could make you locally famous, with your work featured in the Pentecost service from the local church!

- As part of our Teams meeting this week (day and time to be confirmed), we are going to play time Bingo.  For this you will need to print, or copy down if you are unable to print, one game board from one of the pdfs below.  You can choose whether you want a board with analogue or digital clocks and 12 or 24-hour time, we can all join in the same game - it doesn't matter which type of card you have (for example, if you have the 24-hour game board, I will say the time in 12-hour clock and you will have to recognise it in 24-hour form on your board).


Please remember to just complete as much as you can of the learning in the time that you have and if you have any questions or problems, please ask.  I'd love to see some examples of anything that you've been doing (the story for English is written over 2 or 3 days this week so you can wait until it's finished or send me instalments!).   Please remember to say in your email/blog post (if you haven't already) whether you are happy for your work to be shared on the website. 


Have a good week and stay safe.

Miss Cottrell