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Learning for today!

Spelling: Letter tile spellings: How much would each of your spelling words be worth in a game of Scrabble?  Look at the attached sheet and find out their score.  If you've got a Scrabble game board at home, get it out and make the words with the actual letter tiles and send me a pic!

Maths: Meet me at 9:30 for an introduction to this activity. Then click on the link and complete the lesson. In the student document can you type in your score for the quiz section of the lesson. If you would like an extra challenge, remember you can practice your times tables. There are links to lots of websites on the class page! 😊



English: I think we got a bit confused yesterday with what we were supposed to actually be doing for our English work. I’d like you to click on the link attached below and complete the lesson. You will need a piece of paper, a pen/pencil and your brain! 🧠 Take a photo of your work and attach it to the add work button or email it to me! 😊

Guided Reading: Meet me at 1:30 pm for our guided reading session.  Afterwards, complete the attached activity.  You can either complete the task on the student document that I have set up for you (you don't need to print!) or draw your own table to explain the advantages (the good things) and disadvantages (the bad things) of owning a Basic Brown Dragon.  If you get stuck, re-read chapter 1 of How to Train Your Dragon, all the information is in there!
Theme - RE:

This week, we were going to have a video call with Reverend Paul, he was going to describe his usual working week for us.  I have uploaded parts from the Parish magazine from the Church for you to look at, there are a lot of activities listed in the magazine.  Which ones do you think are the most important?  Why?  Which ones do you think a Church leader would be involved in?  Why do you think Reverend Paul would be involved in these activities? And do you think he would regard them as important?  Why? 


You can present this work in anyway you like!  You could simply answer the questions in a paragraph of text, create a mindmap, or create a poster advertising the events you have seen!