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Week 2 W.B 01.03.21

Hello Everyone It's the first of March today and what a lovely sunny springtime weekend we had. I am really looking forward to warmer days and lighter evenings this month.  For our daily work symbol this week I have chosen a book because this week, on Thursday, we are celebrating World Book Day. 


Here are some interesting book facts for you!


  • There are over 900,000 new books written each year.
  • 4 books from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series rank in the top 20 best selling children's books of all time. 
  • The world record for the most expensive book ever sold is a science book: the Codex Leicester, which is Leonardo da Vinci's science diary. It was purchased in 1994 for $30.8 million.
  • The first Mr Men book, Mr Tickle, came about when author Roger Hargreaves was asked by his son what a tickle looked like. 
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter was rejected many times by different publishers, so she self-published 250 copies. It has now sold 45 million.


This week for 'Feel Good Friday' it's a no screen day! So because we don't want you to be stuck on screen at all, there is not a class page for Friday, and there will be no Class Meetings.  There are some screen free activity suggestions on Thursday's page if you would like to plan what to do for Friday!  Remember it's a day for you to focus on 'Feeling Good' so you are ready to come back to school next Monday. Hooray!