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W/C: 04/01/21

Friday 8th January 2021

Like yesterday all work for today is set on Teams. Please ensure you wait to complete number 3- until after our live lesson.


1. Science- Scientist Study: Charles Darwin


2. Teams Live English lesson - LO: Can I discuss features of newspaper articles? Just before the lesson have a look at the Newspaper article I have uploaded so that you are ready to discuss it.


3. Independent English task (submit by 2.30pm)


4. Maths- LO: Can I translate 2D shapes?


5. Live feedback on Teams


Don't forget to read your reading book (accelerated Reader will be set up to use from home soon), take brain breaks, have a snack, complete the daily PE activity or any physical activity and most importantly: have fun!


**Your learning packs are available to collect today, from school, in the top car park- look for the red and blue labelled year 6 boxes and find your pack. They contain your homework books, anything you forgot to take at Christmas, our new Guided Reading book and resources such as your white board and pen!


Have a great day.heart

Thursday 7th January 2021


***All work will be set on Teams from today. Please go into our Year 6 group and then into each channel: English, Maths and Theme to see what you have to do today. Don't forget you can send pictures of your work by attaching a file (option underneath assignment). Alternatively, you can use the word documents provided to work on and close (automatically saves) then turn in.


1. Theme- Artefact discovery

2. 10.40 live Maths lesson on Teams LO: Can I translate 2D shapes?

3. Independent Maths task LO: Can I translate 2D shapes? Don't complete until after our live lesson and please ensure it is 'turned in' before 2.30. Thank you.

4. English- Practise new spelling rule

5. 3pm live feedback on Teams


Have a great day smiley

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Today's Timetable:


1. Guided Reading

2. 10:40-11:00= Live lesson on Teams

3. Independent task from live lesson

4. Maths

5.3:00-3.15= Live feedback on Teams


Guided Reading

LO: Can I respond to reading?

We are reading the first chapter of the book- if you follow the link below it is an audio version of the book. Episode 1: Leaving London.

Like we do in class, make notes on the chapter, pick out some exciting vocabulary and ask questions to better your understanding.



Teams Lesson

I thought it would be a good idea to get ourselves accustomed, again, to using Teams for setting and uploading work. We had a brief practise back in October so I think a refresh would be great for all of us.

So we are going on Teams for a practise session. I will tell you what your task is and where to find it when we are on there.

Please logon to Teams at 10.40. Go into our Year 6 team. You will find our group by going into the 'Teams' section on the top left of the app (see pic below). In the General channel, you'll see channels for General, English, Maths and Theme, click on the blue-coloured 'join meeting' (with a picture of a video camera). It should be on today's date.


Independent Task

Please complete the task that was instructed over Teams. You will find it in the Theme channel of our Year 6 group.


I hope you got on well with the first quadrant work yesterday.

For today's lesson we are looking at Geometry: Position and direction and focusing on the four quadrants.

Please watch the video titled 'Four quadrants', link below,  and then go through PowerPoint, answering questions on the slides as you go, then complete the independent task and a challenge if you fancy it.

Top Tip!

Along the corridor then up or down the stairs (x,y) you read and write the x axis which is across (get it) before the y axis (tothe sky).


Please log back onto Teams at 3:00pm so I can give feedback on your independent task after our live lesson.

In our Year 6 group- just like before- join the video meeting that I will have started.

Tuesday 5th January 2021


Today's lesson is looking at direct and indirect speech. Indirect speech can also be called reported speech.

For example:

"It was such a beautiful city, I'd definitely go again." Exclaimed Josie.


Josie explained how it was a beautiful city and that she would definitely go again.


-Can you guess which is direct speech and which is indirect speech?

-Where might you see these two different ways of recording what people say?



Please use the link below and...

1. Watch the two video clips.

2. Read the bullet pointed information.

3. Complete the quiz

4. Complete activities 2, 3 and 3.


Guided Reading

We are moving onto a new book in guided reading. Our last one from Michael Morpurgo (no I hear your cries) and my favourite one.

Please write a 'justified' prediction based on what you can see on the front cover. By justified, you know what I mean, back it up with some evidence.


Use the following questions to help you with your prediction...


1. What do you think the title means?

2. Where do you think the story is set? Why?

3. Who do you think the people might be? Why?

4. What do you think might happen in the story? Why?



For today's lesson we are looking at Geometry: Position and direction and focussing on the first quadrant.

Please watch the video titled 'First quadrant', link below,  and then complete the practise sheet followed by the activity. There is a challenge too if you fancy it! 1, 2, 3 chillies- your choice. 



We would usually have P.E this afternoon so let's keep to our routines! Please complete a physical activity of your choice for a minimum of 30 minutes, that will raise your heart rate and get you moving!

This could be:



*Kicking and running with a ball

*Online workout (Joe Wicks)

*AMRAP! (Create your own)

*Zoom call a friend and do an IGYG (I go you go)

*Bike ride

*Tennis practise

Whatever you enjoy!


Have fun- let me know what you planned if you do an AMRAP or IGYG!