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Physical Development

 Dough Disco 


The children in Reception will be participating in daily Dough Disco sessions from September. This activity will help them to develop strength in their fingers and hands in preparation for holding a pencil and writing. 

 Funky Fingers 


The children in Reception also have access to lots of resources that help specifically build up the strength in their fingers and improve coordination in order to help them be able to hold and control a pencil confidently. We have a Funky Fingers table, which always has an activity on devoted to developing these fine motor skills. 



In the second Summer half term, we will be developing our co-operation skills and our ability to solve problems.



In the first Summer half term, we will be developing our co-ordination in different ways.



Over the second Autumn half term, we will be developing confidence in moving in different ways.



Over the first Autumn half term, we learnt to manage our bodies and we explored balance.



We also took part in the Infant Agility competition, where we saw how long we could speed bounce for; how far we could jump and throw; how accurately we could throw and how quickly we could run!