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Tuesday 21.04.20


Today I'd like you to be a "Shape Detective" and go on a hunt around around your home and outdoor space. What 2D shapes can you see?  You can use the 2D vocabulary map below to help you spell the shape names correctly in your recording. Today you can record your findings in anyway you like. You might keep a tally of the shapes that you find, you could make a list, you could draw and label what you find and identify which 2D shape they are. You might even take some photographs of what you find.


You can present your work in a booklet, in your book, on a poster, in a powerpoint or however you choose. Have fun - will you be able to find all the shapes on the poster?   For the heptagon, a 7 sided shape you might like to look in Mum or Dad's wallet or maybe in your piggy bank!

You can download the above 2D shape mat below.


How did you get on yesterday with the story of Little Red Riding Hood?

I had an email saying that the powerpoint didn't open yesterday for the story. If this happened for you I have posted it again today but as a PDF just in case!

Do you remember in class sometimes we show a piece of good work under the visualiser and display it on the big screen?  This morning have a read of Fin and Paige's work from the picture below. What do you like about it? What words have they used to make his writing feel like a story? Have you spotted the use of a question mark and inverted commas (speech marks) to mark the characters speech.  Look how they have used story language to add detail. I love the sentences


“Why do you look so different my dear?  You look like the wolf who lives near here.”




The Wolf ran away with tears in his eyes and a bump on his head.


yes Well done, great work!



Today for our English task we are going to check our understanding of the story. Below is a version of the Little Red Riding Hood story written out as a narrative. There are three levels of task today depending on your reading ability. You can choose which one you feel happy with. Then there are some questions to answer for the story you have chosen, again the questions are different depending on your reading skill.


Today you are asked to write the answers to your questions in full sentences. We were practising this in school before we broke up. It is good practise for our sentence construction and writing!


The three versions are

Version 1 - a shorter version - if you are on green, orange, turquoise or recently on purple book band this should be right for you.


Version 2 - a longer version with some inference style questions - if you are on purple,gold or white book band this should be right for you.


Version 3 Challenge - a longer version with some different vocabulary with inference and higher level questions - if you are a confident white, lime or above book band reader this will be a good challenge for you.

Theme/Topic - P.S.H.E.


Today we are going to give you access to our P.S.H.E. resource that we use at school called "Jigsaw". You can do this task with your whole family if you would like to. Below is a link that will take you to an online audio story with some half time questions and follow up activities. Today's focus is all about your hopes and dreams. Your parents might talk to you about their hopes and dreams when they were younger and today. You can share yours too!  Remember everyone will have different hopes and dreams and these will change as you change and grow. Today's story is called Fowely's wings.




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