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Thursday 2nd July


Today, we're going to write a poem about volcanoes!

Poetry is all about being creative! There are many different types of poems - some rhyme, some don't, some are shaped like their topic, some use repetition. Poetry is all about expressing yourself and playing with language!


The only rule for your poems today is that they must be descriptive and use language that explores your senses - what you would see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel if you witnessed a volcano (such as Mount Vesuvius) erupt.


To give you some inspiration, I've put together a file with lots of different poems about volcanoes. Have a look and choose your favourite. It's up to you to then create your own version! 


Please, please, please send me over your poems because I would LOVE to read them!


LO: Can I write a descriptive poem?


Today, we're thinking about reflection. 

Watch the video below to give you an introduction into the topic and show you how to reflect shapes. 



This video shows how to reflect shapes on a grid.

Now I'd like you to choose one of the chillies below to have a go at.


LO: Can I reflect shapes acccurately?


Yesterday, we learnt that day and night are created because the Earth rotates on its axis.


Today, we're going to think about how the seasons are created.

Watch the video below by clicking the link...

Now I'd like you to look at the PowerPoint below and then choose a task to have a go at.


LO: As a scientist, can I explain how the seasons are created?