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Tuesday 31st March

Hello everyone, today (Monday) I have received so many emails from you all, with lots of photos with all the wonderful things you've been doing.  Head over to the 'Amazing Work Gallery' and have a look if you can see yours or your friends work and photos.  It has been so lovely to hear from you and has really made me smile to see what you've been doing. Please do keep emailing me your photos and even videos! 


Mr Fiddler has uploaded a podcast for you all to listen to, here is the link for you:



Missing school

Still image for this video
I know many of you are missing school and I am too! Please remember I am an email away and I will respond as soon as I can. I will be uploading a video of me reading a story soon. It is a challenging time for everyone and there have been lots of changes but things will return to normal eventually, remember stay positive and keep smiling!

Home learning tasks


English: Now you have researched about pandas, can you write a postcard from 'Snowy'?  Remember to include who he has visited, where he is, what food he's eaten, what the weather is like and how he feels.  And as always, make sure you check for capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!  If you could include some adjectives (describing words) that would be fantastic!  Take your time over this it does not need to be completed in one sitting/session or even one day.  When we do a big piece of writing in school we often write over the course of a couple of days, if you feel this would help you then please do this at home.


Maths: Log in to My Maths, complete the describing shapes activity (this is a quick recap of all the shape work you have done!)

Then complete the comparing lengths activity.  

When you have done that using the lengths of tape/string etc that your adults have prepared for you (see yesterday's Maths) order the different sized lengths from longest to shortest.  Stick them in your book or take a photo and stick it in.


If you fancy a challenge have a go at either of these:


Geography:  Login to Oddizzi (see details below) and select Explore the World - Places.  Then select either Africa or Antarctica (or both!) and see how many human and physical features you can spot in the video.  A human feature is something manmade like a building or road, a physical feature is something natural like a river or lake.