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Wednesday 01.04.20

Take a look at Hywel's amazing maths from yesterday!


More time today! smiley

Today we are going to sequence different lengths of time. Do you know how many minutes are in a hour, half a hour or quarter of an hour? How many hours are there in a day? How many hours do we normally spend at school?


Take look at the different lengths of time on the sheet below. Write them out in your book from the smallest amount of time to the longest amount of time.



Sequence events and times.


Watch the video below about William Shakespeare

Today's task is to create a simple timeline of Shakespeare's life. You can use the information in the video and any of the facts you found out earlier in the week. This follows on nicely from today's maths - sequencing events.


Remember a timeline shows key events in a person's life - like a sequence. You might be able to put some dates on your timeline too.  Look at the examples below of different timelines for some ideas.



Examples of different timelines



Today I'd like to take you back to one of my most favourite topics to teach - THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON. I know we had so much fun finding out about the events in London at that time and thought it was very strange that Samuel Pepys buried his wine and cheese! Follow the link below and play the Great Fire of London Game to revisit your knowledge and pretend you are back in 1666 helping King Charles II put out the fire. Have fun! 

Get outside and have some fun - look for the signs of spring!


Remember today is Wednesday and we would normally be out and about at forest school so after you have played the Great Fire of London game make sure you get outside in the garden and look for all of the signs of spring that are appearing now.