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Thursday 30th


Well done for all your fantastic measurements yesterday. The tallest chair was Lauren-Gracie's at 120cm and the smallest was the minature chair belonging to Holly, which was only 15mm tall! Daisy's rubber at 7mm was the smallest piece of stationery you measured. Great measuring everyone.


Today we are going to be converting between centimetres and metres and centimetres. Please have a look at the slides first to see how we can do this. Have a go at the questions as you go along.

Now see if you can measure some items in your house which are over 100cm long. Write them in both cm and metres and centimetres.
Once you've done that, do as many of these questions as you are comfortable with. They get slightly harder, so don't worry if you don't answer them all!


I hope you enjoyed the activities on Bitesize on Tuesday.


Group 1 (Red Grammar Books) will be continuing with our work on pronouns today. You will need your grammar homework book and to complete page 39.


Group 2 (Green Grammar Books) will be working on apostrophes for possession on page 35 in your grammar homework book.


Tomorrow we are going to be writing a book review about The Scarab's Secret.


Before we do that we need to explore what makes a good book review and plan, so we can write a good one too!


First of all, choose a couple of these book reviews to read.

Now think about what information they gave you about the books. Make a list of the types of things that they told you. For example, the title and the author.
Did you find the reviews interesting? Why was this? What did the writer do?
Now you can jot down some ideas to help you plan your book review for tomorrow. Remember to write notes in bullets, not full sentences as they are just ideas for you to use tomorrow.

Topic - Ancient Egypt

Last lesson you saw how the River Nile runs through Egypt. Almost all Egyptians lived very close to the River Nile. Do you know why? Can you think of any reasons why, in a hot country like Egypt, so many people lived so close to the river? Jot down some ideas or tell someone at home if they are around.


Now read the slides about the River Nile as Semi, the crocodile takes you on a tour and explains some of the reasons that the Egyptians relied on it so much.

If you want to watch some videos with some more information, then follow the links below:
Can you design a poster showing some of the reasons why the Nile was important to the Ancient Egyptians? Perhaps you want to focus on one of the reasons and go into detail with your writing and pictures, or perhaps you want to cover many ideas in less detail. The decision is yours!