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Good morning everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend!



9:20 / 9:35 - Morning Phonics Live Lesson

1:45 / 2:00 - Afternoon Feedback Session


You will need a piece of paper/notebook/whiteboard and something to write with. You probably won't need it in the lesson but bring it just in case my screen doesn't share with you.

Phase 5: 's' written as 'c(i)'

Activity 1: Tricky Word Song

Activity 2: Obb or Bob

Activity 3: Write a definition for the Bob words.

For example:

A city is...

A pencil is...

A cinema is...


You should know the story of Meercat Mail very well but if you'd like to recap it, I will put a link for the story below.

Today I would like you to pretend you are Sunny the Meercat and answer the following question by writing them down.


If you were Sunny the Meercat, where would you go and visit?


Can you describe the place? For example: dark, wet, dry, hot, icy...


Who would be there?


What could be wrong with the place to make you want to leave?

Meerkat Mail


Over the next few lessons we will be focusing on subtraction.

Remember this is when you take away from the start number.

This is the subtraction symbol to remind you:


Complete the questions below.


I had a lot of feedback last week that you really enjoyed learning about mammals!

Well today we will be learning about reptiles.

Please read the poster below and click on the website link to learn about them.


After, your task is to write three facts about reptiles and name three reptiles.