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Tuesday 30th June


This week, we're going to write a poem inspired by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii.  Before we do this, we're going to focus on gathering a variety of vocabulary and language to describe volcanoes when they erupt!


Today, I'd like you to look at the illustrations from "Escape from Pompeii" We're focusing on the section where Mount Vesuvius erupted. I've also got a video of volcanic eruptions and some photographs of eruptions for you to look at too!


I want you to use your senses and think about what you might see, hear, touch, smell, taste and how you might feel if you witnessed or were there when a volcano erupted. 

You then need to jot your points down on the senses grid (or you can do them straight into your book)

You can use bullet points and don't need to write in full sentences



- bubbling lava

- choking smoke

- twisting ash


LO: Can I create a word bank using my senses?


We're continuing our work on shape today with a focus on regular and irregular polygons.

Have a look at the PowerPoint intro and then choose a chilli!

There's an optional extension too if you fancy doing a puzzle!


LO: Can I identify regular and irregular polygons?


In science, we've been looking at the planets in our solar system. Can you remember the names of the 8 planets? Can you remember any facts about them?


I thought that it would be fun to combine our science learning with some Spanish so we're going to learn the name of the planets in Spanish today!


Have a look at the PowerPoint intro and then choose a task depending on how confident you feel!


LO: As a linguist, can I name the planets?