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Hello everybody, a lovely easy half day today!



Play a phonics game of your choice: it might be floor is lava, musical statues, bingo etc. Use these games to practise sounds and tricky words we don't know.

We have also been practising phonics at random parts of the day. For example, before children get their lunch and before they go home, they need to tell me a Phase 4 tricky word first. You could do this at home also before having dessert, having screen time, playing with toys etc.



We have been practising handwriting everyday at school. We focus on one letter a day and today we are going to recap all the letters we have done in the alphabet so far from a to i in cursive and capital. We will just do one of each letter and practise ones we struggle with.


I hope the weather is not too bad tomorrow but been as though it is has rained a lot recently, try and get outside and have some fresh air.

The following website has loads of ideas...