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Thurs 2nd

Class Meeting

Our Class Meeting is today 11:00-12:00. The invitation has been sent to your school email address. Please make sure you logon by going through the address in the instructions, so it goes through your school login.  (See link below for instructions)





Please make sure you bring a piece of paper with you for the task. Look forward to seeing you later! Because we have the meeting, there is one less activity for you to complete today.


We are continuing to look at 3D shapes today. I hope you were able to work out the properties of the shapes yesterday? 


Today we are thinking about how to make 3D shapes. 3D shapes can be taken apart to reveal a flat structure made of 2D shapes. We call this a NET.


For example, see if you have a spare box at home from a packet of cereal or a delivery. If you split it open you should be able to create a flat net. (You might have a few extra bits where there are tabs to fix it together and make the box stronger)


Below is a net of a cube. Can you imagine it folding over to make a cube? 


We know it will make a cube because it has its 6 square faces and the square at the centre of the cross would be the base and the others could fold around it.


If you have a printer, perhaps you could print this net out below. It is just like the dice you might have made during Sports Week! If not, you could draw it out on a piece of paper.


Your main task today is to look at the nets which I've placed below and work out which 3D shapes they make. Think about the 2D shape faces that they have and think about how they will fold over. 
English/ Theme

I would like you to show your knowledge of mummification by writing your own set of instructions to tell someone how to mummify a body. This is to be done over today and tomorrow, so you have 2 days to write it. :-)  


You will have the process you drew yesterday to help you and keep in the right order and I have also attached a model if you need a little help or reminder of how to write instructions or what is should look like. I have also put a word mat with some useful words you will need for writing your instructions. 


Don't forget the things we included in our instructions earlier in the year:

1) Title

2) What you will need section 

3) Bossy verbs (imperative verbs) to start the instruction

4) Adverbs to describe how to do something (e.g. 'carefully')

5) Steps in order using numbers or/ and  time conjunctions (e.g. 'then' 'next')

6) Diagrams to show how to do it.