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Nursery life (Week beginning 22nd November) 

With everyone being so excited by all the dinosaur fun last week in Nursery we decided to follow these interests and continue with our dinosaurs this week. Our focus book this week was ‘Ten little dinosaurs’ by Mike Brownlow this is a wonderful story which not only incorporates rhyme but also counting and number recognition. We used our local surroundings this week to collect resources to make a dinosaur swamp. The children were particularly enthusiastic to collect the mud left for us by a cheeky mole. We also painted dinosaurs, measured them and gave them a soapy bubble bath among much much more. 

Nursery life (Week beginning 15th November) 

This week as we continued to think about celebrations we focused on birthdays, the book ‘Harry and the dinosaurs have a happy birthday’ by Ian Whybrow helped to support our learning. The book also sent us off on a definite dinosaur path, as we delved into lots of dinosaur small world play. We also got into the party spirt by making party masks, party hats for the dinosaurs, birthday cards and having a wonderful dance party with the balloons. 

Nursery life (Week beginning 8th November)

This week has been an incredibly busy one in Nursery. We began by introducing the children to the idea of Remembrance day with a local walk into the village to visit the memorial and see where we would be standing on Thursday for the Remembrance service. Back in nursery and Forest School we embraced poppies, painting them, finger painting them, making them from play dough, biscuits and using our deconstructed resources to create poppies. On Thursday we were so proud of our Pre school children as they joined the whole school on the village green for the remembrance service. They wowed everyone with how sensible and respectful they were, even managing to stay quiet for the full two minutes silence. 


On Tuesday we were very excited to get into our fancy dress clothes and welcome princesses, superheros, pirates and a vet to name a few. We did this to support 'Crackerjacks Children's Trust', the children were thrilled to show off their outfits on our outdoor stage and tell us all about their character. Later in the afternoon we enjoyed some dancing and party games. 

Nursery life (Week beginning 1st November)

This week it was lovely to have the children return after half term, they were full of exciting tales of their week at home. We began a week of celebrations this week as we celebrated Bonfire night and Diwali. We supported our celebrations by reading all about Elmer the elephant and his celebrations by David McKee. The children loved exploring colour and fireworks, they created fireworks using paint, spray bottles and craft supplies. In the tough tray children were able to mark make in the glitter using their finger to create firework shapes. They also had a chance to design their own henna patterns on a hand cut out. Plus as always much much more! 

Nursery life (Week beginning 18th October) 

After the children took a keen interest in spiders last week we decided to have a mini focus on spiders this week. Our story of the week was ‘Walter’s Wonderful Web’ by Tim Hopgood. We learned about Walter’s determination to make a strong web, he tried all different shapes to find the best. The children wowed us with their 2D shape knowledge and we practiced how to show eight legs on your fingers and make your own Walter. The children also spent time making Walter using different mediums, craft, paint, playdough. They also enjoyed making spider web biscuits and throughly enjoyed eating them. We had a great Forest School investigating mud, pumpkins and bubbles. Finally to end the week we enjoyed ‘Pink day’ for charity, dressing up in pink, making pink biscuits, moulding pink dough and playing in pink water. Wishing everyone a very happy half term. 


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Nursery life (Week beginning 11th October) 

This week we have enjoyed the story ‘Stone soup’ by Tony Bonning, thank you to all the families who have donated stones and squash vegetables this week. The children have thoroughly enjoyed making stone soup using the large cooking pots and mixing the vegetables and stones together. It was lovely to hear them talk about the story and characters as they added their ingredients and played out the tale. We found the children were so interested in the vegetables and making ‘soup’ that we decided to make some real soup. The children assisted in peeling and chopping the vegetables, before having the opportunity to taste the soup at snack time. We were wowed by how many children tasted and really enjoyed the soup. 

Herb picking for use in the mud kitchen.

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Nursery life (Week beginning 4th October) 

This week in Nursery we continued to celebrate the season of Autumn, our focus was the story of ‘The leaf thief’ by Alice Hemming. It was amazing to see how the children listened carefully to the story, putting the clues together to work out who the leaf thief was before it was revealed in the story. Over at Forest School the leaf thief (the wind) visited us while we were in base camp and the children immediately recalled the story. We made leaf crowns this week, created nature pictures using our own nature picture frames, all resources collected on our Autumn walk. 

Nursery life (Week beginning 27th October) 

The cooler weather came perfectly timed for us this week as we began to think about Autumn and the changes that we are beginning to see around us. During a welly walk and our Forest School session this week we embarked upon Autumn hunts. Spotting signs that Autumn has arrived and collecting some of the treats nature provides us with at this time of year. Our story of the week ‘Leaf man’ by Lois Ehlert showed us the journey Autumn leaves go on and immersed us in the beautiful Autumn colours. We used our knowledge of colours and collection of leaves we had found to create leaf prints, make our own leaf men and to engage in sensory play. The children also loved exploring our new Autumn table and curiosity cube. We are looking forward to lots more Autumn fun next week. 

Nursery life (Week beginning 20th September) 

For many of our children this week has consisted of them completing their first full days at Nursery. To enable the settling process and to get to know all of our children even better this week we have had a focus on ourselves. Thank you to all those who sent in photos of your child with their family, this opened up some beautiful conversations about children’s families and their place within the family. This in turn led to us discussing children’s pets and hearing all about the animals that children care for at home. Using a lovely book called ‘All the things I love about me’ by Trace Moroney we talked about all the things that we are good at and what makes us love ourselves. The book also led us into conversations about what the children would like to be when they grow up and I very much look forward to seeing all the circus clowns and astronauts in our future! 

Nursery life (Week beginning 13th September)

This week we have had a brilliant week settling in our new Nursery children. It was lovely to see some new faces in Nursery, giving our existing children a chance to ‘show them the ropes’ and begin to create some new friendships. The new children have done extraordinarily well, coming in with very little support and already getting to know our routine. We are extremely proud of all of them. All children have continued to enjoy the new environment at nursery as they explore and play in each of the areas. We were very grateful again this week for our new covered area when Tuesday offered us rain all day, this meant the children could still get outside. Under our covered area we have a mark marking area, sand, water, small world and dressing up which the children can access in every weather. 

Nursery Life (Week beginning 6th September)

This week we had a wonderful week welcoming back all of our existing Nursery children. We have marvelled at how much they had all grown in both size and personality. With the sun shining brightly we have been very grateful for our new outdoor covered area as it provided us with lots more much needed shade. 

This week we allowed the children time to settle in to begin to explore new friendships and to explore the environment. They showed particular interest in out new curiosity style home corner.

This area has been developed over the summer thank you to lots of generous donations from both Nursery and school families and the sheer determination and dedication of Miss Stephens who has been scouring car boot sales and market place in hot pursuit of all our desired items. We are so pleased with the results, seeing the children's happy faces exploring in there confirmed to us that this was the right direction to go in for our setting.  


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Important information for new Nursery starters September 2021

Wishing our Pre school children lots of luck in their new adventure into Reception class. You will all be amazing! 

Nursery life (Week beginning 19th July) 

we have had the most lovely last three days of term, the weather has been exceptional and we have spent the majority of the week outside involved in various water play activities to cool ourselves off. The pre school children have all been excitedly talking about going up to big school. Although we as staff and parents are a little sad to see them leave Nursery, the children are definitely feeling pure excitement for their new chapter which has been just wonderful to see. On Wednesday we had our final Forest School of the term and kindly Mrs Ashmore let us use a shady spot to return to with our picnic. This was a lovely way to end the term. 
Myself and the rest of the staff feel absolutely overwhelmed by the kind words and gifts that we have received from parents, we would like to thanks everyone profusely. During what had been another tricky year for many I think I can speak for everyone when I say we have been incredibly grateful to continue to come to Nursery to do what we love. Wishing everyone a happy, safe and sunny summer holiday. 

Big thank you to Phoebe and Lyla’s family for this amazing cake that we received.

Nursery life (Week beginning 12th July) 

This week was all about colour and rainbows. Our story of the week was ‘Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly’ by Sue Heap. This story was full of colour, but it also helped us to understand how two people can be friends and also have similar and different interests. The children loved putting their hand up to vote for their favourite items on each page. We began our rainbow week by going on a colour hunt around school grounds, children worked in partners and used a clipboard to mark off each colour that they found. We were amazed by how well they worked in partnerships. During our walk we also discovered the first baby conkers which had fallen which led us into an impromptu baby conker hunt. As the week progressed we enjoyed colour mixing with water, painting rainbows, creating rainbow names and much more. With a big thank you to Mrs Ashmore we were able to enjoy our final camp fire of the year, which was lovely in the sunshine. Finally on Friday the children enjoyed their picnic alongside the whole school. 



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Nursery life (Week beginning 5th July) 

This week with our focus turning back to science we have been exploring bubbles and colours. Our story of the week has been ‘My many coloured days’ by Dr Seuss this has given the children a brilliant opportunity to think about how they are feeling and explore their feelings through colour. We have enjoyed lots of bubble are work with bubble painting and creating bubble mosaic pictures. The children have also enjoyed using the bubbles to give the babies a good bath and they also took the time to wash all the babies clothes and hang them out to dry on a washing line. We explored school and the grounds on a circle hunt, and were amazed by the amount of circles we found. Finally on Friday the children throughly enjoyed coming into school dressed to support the football this weekend. 

Nursery life (Week beginning 28th June) 

This week we have enjoyed a wonderfully active and exciting ‘Sports week‘, rather than the traditional sports day. This meant all of our Nursery children would have an opportunity to join the fun. We kicked off on rainy Monday with some indoor climbing, sliding and hockey. Later in the week we embarked upon a mini marathon, Forest School relay races and obstacle races. Alongside this children made their own medals, checkered finish flags and a giant trophy. It was a joy to see the children pushing themselves in the races to meet their own goals  and it was also very special to see children cheering on their peers. 
It was another great week for our preschool children as they went off for their second visit to Reception class. They all returned with beaming smiles on their faces, telling us all about their new classroom and outdoor area. 




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Nursery life (Week beginning 21st June) 

This week we ventured into the world of mini beasts, our story of the week was ‘Ants in your pants’ By Julia Jarman. The children loved thinking about mini beasts, what they look like and how many legs they’ve got. They enjoyed researching these facts in our big non fiction book of mini beasts. They also enjoyed a mini beast hunt in Forest School, making a bee bar for the buzzy bees and working together to make huge spider web in the tough tray. One of the most popular activities this week was winding wool to make a spider, the children affectionately named their spiders Mr Skinny Legs. 
This week was a big week for our Preschool children as they took their first visits to Reception class, they used their very best behaviour and manners and blew Mrs Blatchly and Miss Chambers away. 

Careful balancing skills

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Nursery life (Week beginning 14th June) 

Continuing with out lovely summer sub topic we focused on the story ‘Sharing a shell’ by Julia Donaldson. This story has led to lots of lovely conversations about sharing and also about holidays and the children’s experiences of the beach. We have a beautiful new display inside Nursery, showing a large rock pool with the three characters from the story created by the children. Children have also made their own mini paper plate rock pools. Over at Forest School everyone had the opportunity to plant a sunflower seed and we have now transported them back to Nursery to tend to them and watch them grow. Finally we have been very busy creating some very special surprise cards ready for some important people this Sunday. 

Nursery life (Week beginning 7th June)

Well what a wonderful sunny week we have has this week. It has been brilliant  to hear what a lovely half term all the children have had. We began the new half term by looking at the season on Summer. The children have enjoyed a wide variety of of activities including making shaving foam ice creams, using the painting rollers to paint a sun, planting sunflowers, painting sunflowers and much much more. Over at Forest School on Wednesday the children used beautiful colourful ribbon to create a rainbow tree. On Wednesday afternoon when we were all a bit hot, the children enjoyed spraying each other with water using the spray bottles.
Finally after being fed over half term by Mrs Ashmore and returning to Nursery on Monday, the froglets had developed their jumping ability and were jumping around the tank. Therefore we thought it was just the right time for them to return to the pond, the children loved seeing them jump from the net to the pond. We will still be checking in on them each week at Forest School. 


Goodbye froglets.

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Nursery Life (Week beginning 24th May) 

This week to finalise our transitional tales topic we spent the week with the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, the children thoroughly enjoyed this tale and were quickly able to join me in retelling the story in the correct order. In the spirt of Jack and his magic bean we also planted our own magic beans (thank you to everyone for all the yoghurt pot donations), children loved the idea of growing their own bean at home and were thinking about a sunny spot to put their pot when they get home. We would love to see updates on Tapestry of any successful beanstalks. We also did an exciting experiment with jelly beans to see what would happen when you put them into different liquids. Over at Forest School it was clear the sun was out because all the mini beasts were venturing out too, we were very lucky to see a Maybug emerging from the mud. 

Finally we all wish you a lovely and hopefully sunny half term. 

Forests School fun

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Tadpole update

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Our lovely tadpoles and now beginning to get their tiny legs and become froglets.

Nursery life (Week beginning 17th May) 

This week we have had a magical week exploring the story of ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’. The children have particularly enjoyed the home corner being made into a shoe shop/workshop. You could really see their real life experiences come though as they fitted shoes on each other, checked the toes and practiced walking in their new shoes. Children also had the opportunity to design their own shoes and some very sparkly designs were created. Taking on the role of the elves we used our strong muscles to use the hammer to tap holes through some shoe templates. Over at Forest School we then took on this role again when hammering leaves and flowers onto fabric to create a new fabric design. Finally the children decorated some elf/fairy doors and placed them around the Nursery in the hope that we would have some little visitors just like the shoemaker and his wife. 


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Nursery life (Week beginning 10th May)

This week we have had a wonderful week of exploring the story 'Little Red Riding Hood', the children have taken on the roles of the characters in all areas of the Nursery. They particularly like being the wolf dressed as Grandma and lying in the bed ready to trick Little Red. It has been wonderful to hear the children story telling as they take on their character role, "Oh what big eyes you have Grandma!" We also enjoyed exploring the treats that Little Red Riding Hood would have had in her basket. We made pear crumble and everyone tried it! We independently made our own sandwiches to eat at snack time. The children also made some extra special salt dough cakes and biscuits and painted them ready to put into Red Riding Hoods basket in the role play area. Update on the tadpoles, they have had another lovely clean out by Mrs Ashmore and are now enjoying some cucumber treats back in Nursery. 


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Nursery life (Week beginning 3rd May) 

This week our adventures have been all about ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’. The children have loved the concept of the three different sized bowls, chairs and spoons. They have spent lots of time arranging different things into three different sizes. They have also enjoyed taking on the role of Daddy bear, Mummy bear or Baby bear and adapting their voice to demonstrate which character they are. The Nursery smelled wonderful when we baked our own bear biscuits ready for the Teddy bear picnic. After a lovely and unexpectedly dry Forest school where they children enjoyed a camp fire they came back just in time before the hail came down. Although we had dreamed of an outdoor picnic, it made no difference to the children’s  excitement when we sat down in a huge picnic circle inside the Nursery. They enjoyed their picnic lunches chattering with their friends, it was fabulous. 

Getting ready for school checklist

Preschool children only.

During our parents meetings many asked what they can be doing at home to get their preschool children ready for school in September. Here is a handy list of skills you can work on at home to support children for being ready for Reception class. You will also receieve a paper copy this week along with your child's 'Bookstart' reading folder. 

Nursery life (Week beginning 26th April) 

This week has been all about exploring the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. The children have loved this story and it had been lovely to see them retelling the story in their own way in different areas of the nursery, tough tray area, small world and outdoor construction. I love hearing them repeat the familiar story phrases for example “Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge” As part of our story telling the children have also enjoyed constructing lots of bridges this week, and testing them out. They loved using their imagination to close their eyes and think about what the troll would look like in their own story. The children came up with so many interesting  ideas and loved putting these down on paper when they painted their troll. Finally we had a very exciting visit from the Year 4 chicks on Tuesday morning, the children were fascinated in watching them and were thrilled to be able to have a cuddle. 

Tadpole update 

This week at Forest School we took our tadpoles for a visit and Mrs Ashmore helped us to clean out their tank. We found a lot of tadpole poo in there and the children were fascinated by this! They now have a sparkly clean tank and can see how much they’ve grown. 

Nursery life (Week beginning 19th April)

Hoping everyone had a lovely restful Easter break and managed to get out into the sunshine. This week we have begun our new topic 'Traditional tales', we began by exploring the story of 'The three little pigs'. Over the Easter break the role play area was transformed, allowing children the opportunity to become one of the three little pigs or of cause the big bad wolf. We have enjoyed the sunshine this week and have moved most of our focused work outdoors to where the children love to be. We have even been taking the register outside! Children have enjoyed a range of activities, exploring the materials that the three pigs used to build with, crafting with them and blowing them during a science experiment. They also tried their hand at being builders, mixing their own cement (sand and water) and laying some bricks in the tough tray. 


The tadpoles were very well behaved over Easter for Mrs Ashmore and they have certainly grown. We have now brought them back into Nursery and will continue to care for a feed them for a while longer.  

Nursery life (Week beginning 26th March) 

This week has been all about Easter and with all of the unexpected sunshine, we moved all of our activities out into the garden and spent so much time out there having fun. The children have enjoyed copious amounts of water play, time in the mud kitchen and a special Easter hunt at Forest School with an Easter treat at the end. In addition to this there have been lots more Easter activities including making bunny biscuits, designing Easter eggs and potato printing eggs. Our story of the week was ‘We’re going on an egg hunt’ by Martha Mumford. 

We have been carefully watching and feeding the tadpoles and they have definitely grown. Mrs Ashmore will be taking good care of them over the Easter break. 

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy Easter. 

Tadpole update.

Wonderful Easter bonnets for the parade! 

Nursery life (Week beginning 22nd March) 

This week as we continued with our focus of ‘Spring’ and began to think about the life cycle of a butterfly. The natural choice for story of the week was ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this story and have shown a great understanding of the life cycle of a butterfly when telling us which life stage will happen next. 
In celebration of the food loving caterpillar a fruit and veg stall popped up in the role play area where children could buy and sell all the caterpillars favourite treats. In addition to this children have been involved in butterfly symmetry painting, caterpillar maths work, making fruit caterpillar snacks and much much more. 

We were also very excited this week to see that our frogspawn had hatched and we now have lots of lovely little tadpoles swimming around in the tank. The children are absolutely fascinated with them and keep returning to observe them. 

Tadpole update!

Nursery life (Week beginning 15th March) 

This week we have began thinking about signs of spring. We have had some lovely walks around the school grounds spotting, buds, flowers and baby animals. We took the children’s lead and interest this week and focused our planning on the life cycle of the frog. Last week the children took such a keen interest in the frogs in the pond and this interest has continued to grow and blossom this week. With thanks going to Mrs Ashmore we have now welcomed our own frogspawn into the Nursery, placed on the interest table for children to observe. We will watch this develop over the coming weeks and once our tadpoles hatch we will release them back into the Forest School pond. 

Collecting the frogspawn

Still image for this video
Crazy hair day for Comic relief. 

Nursery life (Week beginning 8th March) 

This week as we continue to think about ‘People who help us’ we began to think a little more about the emergency services, who they are and how they help us. We also quickly learned the three numbers we need to dial if we need to call them for help. So far this week the children have enjoyed being police officers in the role play area and in their police car. They have also been outside being firefighters and fighting ‘fires’ using the water spray bottles. In a nod to science week the children did a special experiment to make their own fire extinguisher foam.
However what the Nursery children have enjoyed most this week is having their siblings back in school, being able to see and wave to the in the garden and in the lunch hall. 

Science experiment

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World Book Day 2021

This year to celebrate World Book Day we focused on the book ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra. Children enjoyed a variety of exciting activities throughout the day including designing their own superhero potato character, counting and mashing the evil peas, creating the evil pea from a paper plate, rescuing vegetables in the outdoor area and much much more. 

Nursery life (WB 1st March) 

This week we have continued our ‘People who help us’ topic by focusing on real super hero’s. To support our learning, our story of the week has been ‘Real superheroes’ by Julia seal. This story has helped the children to reflect on how we are helped and saved by real people around us every day. The children have produced some lovely drawings showing which of the real superheroes they would like to be when they grow up. They have also been spending lots of time in the baby clinic, making the babies better, bathing them and caring for them. We even saw a pop up teddy bear clinic come to Forest School for any of the injured bears over there. 

Nursery life (WB 22nd February) 

Firstly I hope everyone had a lovely half term.
This week we have begun a new topic ‘People who help us’. We have had lots of lovely group discussions about the people who help us in our lives and what they do to help us. We have kickstarted the ‘People who help us’ topic with a mini focus on hairdressers. Children have enjoyed visiting as customers and working as hairdressers in our nursery salon within the role play area. The grown up have enjoyed visiting too! Children have also enjoyed designing their own hair styles, blow painting hair, creating wigs and washing the hair of the babies at the baby washing station. 
Our letter focus of the week in the writing area has continued with ‘q’, we continued to think of things which began with this letter. We also sang lots of nursery rhymes to practice our singing and rhyming skills. 

Nursery life (WB 8th February ) 

This week our focus has been all about Chinese New Year (Friday 12th February ). We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring all things Chinese, including food tasting, having a go at Chinese writing, watching dragon dances, creating our own dragon, making Chinese lanterns, opening a Chinese restaurant in the role play area and creating races in the hall to represent ‘The great race’ of the animals. Plus much much more. 
We were also blessed with some snow and lots of ice at Forest school this week. Although cold, the children found exploring Forest school in these conditions fascinating. 
Our letter focus of the week in the writing area was ‘q’, we began to think of things which began with this letter, we will continue with this letter after half term. We also sang lots of nursery rhymes to practice our singing and rhyming skills. 


Finally wishing everyone a very happy half term! 

The Great Race

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Snowy Forest School

We also said a fond goodbye to Reverend Paul Cudby this week. 

Nursery life (WB 1st February) 


This week our story of the week has been one of our all time favourites ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, I will share a link of the story being read below. 

We have had so much fun retelling the story in different ways. We have made collages of the different areas, made sensory bottles, created story spoons, gone on a bare foot walk, made paper plate bears and gone on a bear hunt around the hall during our PE session to name just a few of the activities.  However my favourite moment of the week was seeing the children on their feet reading the whole story along with me including full actions and plenty of enthusiasm. 

Bare foot walk

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Nursery Life (WB 25th Jan) 


We were so pleased to see lots of the lovely little nursery faces return this week. We understand that some children are still isolating at home so I will be adding lots of photos each week so you can see what we are up to in nursery and if you want to replicate any of the activities or stories  at home then you can. Please share on Tapestry as we love to see everyone playing and learning at home. 

This week as you know from the video below our story of the week was ‘Alan’s Big Scary Teeth’ by Jarvis, this prompted lots of alligator filled activities. We have painted pictures of Alan the alligator, built a 3D model of Alan, taken part in jungle yoga, been vets in the role play area, created play dough alligators and much much more spontaneous play and learning.  Plus we had the best time playing in the snow and having a fire at forest school.  

‘Alan’s Big Scary Teeth’ activities

Welcome Back!

Myself and the Nursery staff are very much looking forward to welcoming you all back this week.

To get us all started for the week ahead I have recorded our new story of the week 'Alan's Big Scary Teeth' for you to watch below. We will be exploring more jungle animal filled activities throughout the week in Nursery.

However in true early early style we feel it is very important to be spontaneous and explore nature at every opportunity. So for our activities today we suggest you wrap up warm and explore the snow and ice outside in your garden. It is also very important to cuddle back up inside afterwards with a hot chocolate and a biscuit. So enjoy, have fun together and we will see you from Tuesday onwards. (Please continue to share photos on Tapestry, it has been lovely to see all the 'Dear Zoo' fun that everyone has had.) 

Alan's Big Scary Teeth

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Monday activities, 'Snow and ice fun'

We have found so many fun ways to use the snow in our garden, making a snow bear, having a snowball fight, making snow ice creams and filling the sand tray with snow to create some snow castles. We have also saved some snow in the freezer to use later this afternoon. We will be using this inside in the tough tray with some small world people and props. 

Hello from isolation


Hello all from myself and the nursery team, we hope you are all keeping well at home and we look forward to seeing you back at Nursery very soon. 

To support you at home during this coming week I have added a video of myself reading the story of the week 'Dear zoo'. 

I will also add two activity ideas each evening ready for the following day. Please feel no pressure to follow these activities but use them if you wish. Rest assured the ideas will be very simple and easy to set up partly because I know everyone has an extremely busy home life at the moment with working, home schooling and everything else and partly because like you, I only have access to the resources I already have at home. However the activities will be fun and engaging with a 'Dear zoo' theme. 

If your little one does enjoy any of the activities or any other activities at home please share with us on Tapestry as we love to see what they are up to. Finally if you would like me to share any photos for everyone to see on the website please email them to me at 

Most of all have fun and enjoy the time together. 

Dear Zoo

Still image for this video

Monday activity 1, 'Zoo Play Dough' 

After sharing the story 'Dear zoo' together, we found some of the animals from the story and explored the play dough with them. We used pre made play dough but you can also very easily make your own and I will add a recipe if you wish to try this. 

The play began by making some cages for the animals using play dough and lolly pop sticks, this led to some small world play where the animals were fed and tended to. 

Following this we made some play dough snakes, adding googly eyes. This led to lots of vocabulary about how long each of the snakes were and we measured them using some wooden beads. 

Monday activity 2, 'Animal painting'

After looking carefully at each of the animals in the story we talked about the animal names and researched real photos of these animals. Following this we painted pictures of some of the animals. This activity led to conversations about which colours to select and what shapes to paint. 


Tuesday activity 1, 'Animal foot prints'

Using our zoo animals, we pressed their feet into paint to create foot prints across the paper. This led to lots of conversation about colour, pattern and size of different animal foot prints. We then went on to count how many steps each animal took as they crossed he paper. Finally after having such fun in the paint it was decided that the animals would need a bubble bath. 

Tuesday activity 2, 'Animal biscuits'

We made some animal themed biscuits following a simple recipe which I will include in a link. 

Baking allowed us to practice lots of skills, measuring, pouring, mixing, rolling, cutting and most importantly eating. The biscuits were thoroughly by the whole house. 

Wednesday activity 1, 'Measuring animals'

After reading though our story of the week 'Dear zoo' again, we found all the animals to match the story. Following this we placed each animal in order of their appearance in the story. We then used cubes to place alongside each animal to measure their height. In order to find out the tallest and the smallest animal we then progressed to counting each tower of cubes and placed a number card near them representing the amount of cubes. 

Wednesday activity 2, 'Zoo tough tray'

As Wednesday would be our Forest school day we decided to get out into the fresh air and create a zoo themed tough tray. Using some toys from inside we set up different areas in the tray for different animals. We used a variety of resources we found around the house, pasta, oats, sand and water but you could use any dry ingredients to create different textures. This activity led to lots of lovely small world play, creating habitats for the different animals, arranging food and water for them. However please don't be under any illusion that the tray stayed perfectly placed or that the play remained 'on topic', before long a large bowl or porridge had been created and a porridge shop was opened. 

Thursday activity 1, 'Pasta snakes'

We began the activity by painting some tube shaped pasta with poster paint. This activity could be equally as nice without painting the pasta. We then allowed the paint to dry and continued with our snakes in the afternoon. Once dry we threaded the pasta onto different length pieces of string, this created conversation about then different length snakes ("Mummy, Daddy and baby"), we were then able to order the snakes by length and count how many pieces of pasta long each snake was.  

Thursday activity 2, 'Zoo or farm animal sorting'

Using photographs of animals and sorting sheets we turned over one photo at a time, talked about which animal it was and then decided if this animal lives at the zoo or in the farm. This then developed into us making our own zoo and farm using construction toys. We then sorted the small world animals by selecting them out of a bag (pillow case) and deciding if they should live in our farm or our zoo. We also snatched a little opportunity for writing practice when we made a sign for the farm. 

Friday activity 1, 'Dear zoo letter writing'

We decided to write to the zoo ourselves to ask for a pet. Ivy dictated to me what she wanted to say in her letter, she then wrote her own name by tracing over her letters. This developed an interest in name writing and we set up a sensory writing tray with some simple line and shape cards to copy by mark making with your finger. 

Friday activity 2, 'Cosmic yoga jungle safari' 

We completed a yoga jungle safari which was so much fun, it was lovely to do some physical activity. It was also a brilliant opportunity for us to watch, listen and follow instructions carefully.  

Christmas dinner day

All nursery Children thoroughly enjoyed trying their Christmas lunch, especially when a special visitor came to see us. 


Polar Express Day

Christmas songs 

As the festive season quickly approaches, we thought we would take the opportunity to share the Christmas songs we are learning in Nursery. Please enjoy having a sing song together at home. This will support children to learn the songs and have confidence when singing in Nursery.  



All about me


After a wonderful couple of weeks welcoming back existing children and getting to know all our new members of Nursery, we are disappointed not to spending the next week with everyone. However we thought we would use this opportunity to share with you what we would have been doing at nursery this week and then perhaps you could join in with some of these activities over the next week. Please share with us what you have been up to on Tapestry, we love to see all the fun you are having at home. 

Our planning for this week.

September Nursery fun


This is just a small glimpse of the fun we’ve been having in Nursery since returning from the summer. It has been wonderful to observe the children exploring and engaging in the new environment. 

Welcome back to Nursery. 

We are so pleased to welcome you all back to Nursery both existing friends and new. We have missed you all so much! 
We spent lots of time at Nursery last week getting everything ready for you and I thought we would give you a sneak preview of how Nursery and the garden will look. 
However we found it much too quiet without you all, so we are excited to see everyone return over the next couple of weeks.