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Art Day 11.02.21

 Have a look below for some art activities to keep you busy on Art Day! 

Jacqueline Wilson explains how inspiring art galleries are.
Take a virtual tour around Monet's house.
Art Activity Ideas

The Getty Museum Art Challenge

The Getty Museum is in Los Angeles and last year it set everyone the challenge to recreate famous artwork. See below for some inspiration. If you do complete this challenge, please send a photo to with the subject FAO Miss Smith - Art. I would love to see them!

Learn how to draw some of your favourite cartoon characters using only letters and numbers.
Join the Rob, the Guinness World Record holder for the largest ever online art lesson, and draw lots of different objects.
Learn how to draw illustrations.
Have a look on the Tate Kids website. It has lots of information about artists and some great activity ideas.
Look on Google Arts and Culture for some amazing online artwork and galleries.
Use kitchen roll for mindfulness colouring.
Take mindfulness colouring outside by using chalk.
Make a plastic milk bottle bird feeder.
Or make Elmer the elephant.
Make your own playdough and then playdough models.
Art using positive and negative space.

Art Lesson Online: Make outstanding art with positive & negative space!

Design and craft a circular spinner.

Circular Spinner

Craft a kite.

Kite Festival

Craft a monster bookmark.

Monster Bookmark

Print with natural materials you find on a walk.
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