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Year 1

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Polar Bear

Polar Bear 1
Class 1 used tissue paper to create their polar bear.  I wonder what they will be able to find out about them?

Newsletter - Spring 1

Home Learning - Spring 1

Number line

Number line 1
This morning, the children used different number lines to help them add by counting on. 

Barnaby Bear

Barnaby Bear 1
Today the children received an e-mail from Barnaby Bear.  He explained that he was off to explore the Arctic Circle but didn't really know where it was, what it was like or even what to take! Barnaby asked the children to find out all about it for him and produce an information poster or guide book for him.  He is going to pop in soon to find out how the children are getting on.


Writing 1

For the next two weeks, Class1 will base their writing around this story.

The children will be encouraged to use the prefix un-, as well as using and  to join clauses in sentences.


RE 1
As part of our 'Let There Be Light' day, the children cut out masks and then acted out the story of Rama and Sita in groups.

Working Scientifically

Working Scientifically 1
 The children were surprised to see what happened to the 'Mars dust' in some clear shower gel.

Investigating Mechanisms

Investigating Mechanisms 1
Investigating Mechanisms 2
As part of DT, the children are investigating simple mechanisms.  They will soon design and make a moving picture on the theme of space using these mechanisms.

Working Scientifically

Working Scientifically 1
This week, the children have been working scientifically.  They observed and described what happened to 'Mars dust' when it was put into plastic cups filled with still and sparkling water.


English 1
The children's work in English for the next few weeks will be based around this funny story.


Autumn 1
Class 1 have been thinking about and observing the changes that happen around them at this time of year.

Junk Modelling

Junk Modelling 1
The children worked together and had a lot of fun making their space rockets. 

Class Story

Class Story 1
This half term we will be sharing the adventures of Flat Stanley in class story time.

Well done Class 1!

Well done Class 1! 1
Class 1 won the lunchtime lining up award this week. Congratulations!

Bev and Badger

Class 1 were visited by Bev and Badger, the guinea-pigs, this week. 

The children are listening to 'The Tales of Olga da Polga' by Michael Bond which recounts the adventures of a little guinea-pig.

Shared reading

Shared reading 1
This week, the children have enjoyed listening to the adventures of Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam. 

Materials Hunt

Materials Hunt 1
 In Science, we have been thinking about materials. Class 1 had great fun going round school labelling objects with the materials they were made out of!

Budding Artists!

Budding Artists! 1
After reading 'Leonardo and the Flying Boy', Class 1 did their own pencil self-portraits in the style of Leonardo da Vinci.  First of all, they investigated different grades of pencils. Here are some of the portraits.

Shared Reading

Shared Reading 1
The children have enjoyed listening to 'Pigs Might Fly!' this week which told the story of Pintsize Piglet and his attempts to fly!

Captain Rigden's Visit

Captain Rigden's Visit 1
As an entry point for our class theme of 'Up, Up and Away', Captain Rigden, an airline pilot, visited our class.  The day before his visit, we tracked his progress on a flight from Spain.  Unfortunately, Captain Rigden was unable to land his plane on the school field as many of the children had hoped!  He was, however, able to answer our many questions and tell us lots of interesting facts.  The children all remembered to give him a big 'Thank you!' for giving up his time.